These handsome slippers like super cars are coming.

Most of us stay at home now, and we can be sure that once community isolation is lifted, many of you are dreaming in silence. One thing we bet people who own a garage might miss is to drive in their sports car. If you spend hours every day trying to find your excitement in the super run video on Youtube, then we will not make a judgment. In fact, we recently discovered that your heart (and feet) obsessed with super running will faint: say hello to Geckoman's Star Slippers and Arthur Slippers! These handsome slippers are made of high-quality materials, whether you are at home or going out, it is a good fit. The soles of the shoes are...

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When you want to try different styles, what do you want?

When you hope that shoes can bring you different styles, how do you want to feel? If you think the slippers on your feet can be used as functional shoes, what function do you want it to have? Now I will introduce you a pair of slippers from Geckoman. Their sleek design and textured body shape can make you feel the power and responsibility from designers and consumers. The design of each product contains the design ideas and ideas they sketched out one by one, and use the details of the product to experience their careful ingenious design. In addition to designers pursuing surprises, the selection of shoe materials also takes a lot of time and labor, and the selection...

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You can now try to give your feet to GECKOMAN.

Now that you cannot travel long distances, how do you arrange your time? go to bed? Work at home? Or choose more comfortable clothes for yourself? Make plans and preparations so you can go out at any time. So why not give GECKOMAN some opportunities to add to your shopping cart. Are they a bit silly? Does the cool look really make my feet thin? Does not look like. If the shoe becomes thinner, I won't take it off, it will make it more stupid. They have a wide range of sizes. The size ranges from 8 to 14 codes, and different code numbers in different colors can fully meet your requirements. Will greatly increase your charm. Women wearing gecko...

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💧💧How to clean your shoes?

Machine wash or hand wash Geckoman uses high-quality materials, in order to ensure that you can use the shoes for a longer time, we recommend that you wash your shoes by hand. About detergent selection In order to prevent your shoes from being damaged by irritating detergents, we recommend that you use mild detergents when using detergents, add them to water and soak them for about 15 minutes. Use cleaning tools Please use a soft brush or cloth to clean the shoes when cleaning. You can use tools to make it easier to remove dust. If the area of the stain on the shoe is not large, I suggest that you can partially clean it. Other It is recommended not...

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